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Sustainable Restaurants Say “No” to Bottled Water

It may surprise many people to know that bottled water is a huge sustainability issue, but ponder for a moment the transportation aspect alone and the problems become obvious. According to an article in today’s New York Times importing bottled water from France, Italy and Fiji to the U.S. generates 4,000 tons of carbon dioxide, […]

FreeCycle Event this Saturday

FreeCycle Event this Saturday

RecycleThisNYC is holding a FreeMeet this Saturday at the Harlem YMCA! FreeMeets are a great way to give new life to stuff you no longer need, and also to find something you may be looking for. It’s all about keeping useful items out of the landfill and promoting recycling in general. A fun video about […]

Brooklyn looks best from a bike!

Brooklyn looks best from a bike!

Tour de Brooklyn 2007 is this Sunday! This year’s route includes Park Slope, Green-Wood Cemetery, Sunset Park (highest elevation in Brooklyn, great view of the harbor!), Bay Ridge, Verrazano Bridge, Dyker Beach Park, Bensonhurst Park, Drier Offerman Park, Kensington, Prospect Park South… and ends at the Prospect Park Carousel. Worth getting up absurdly early on […]

NYC Energy Report

Dan Miner is the Coordinator of Beyond Oil NYC and Energy Committee Chair of the New York City Sierra Club. He is also very involved with promoting urban Permaculture, presumably from the viewpoint that in the era Beyond Oil (which may be sooner than many people think) we will need to produce much more of […]

More on the CSO problem and how to solve it

Riverkeeper has created a great report on CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) which illustrates the extent of New York City’s sewer system overflow problem and outlines a number of very simple and affordable solutions. While none of the ideas presented are new to sustainability advocates, what has changed is the level of receptiveness in our city […]

Community Traffic Calming Coming to Brooklyn

Community Traffic Calming Coming to Brooklyn

Streetsblog reports that a community-driven traffic calming project, similar to that profiled in a previous post on Portland, Oregon’s Village Building Convergence, will happen here in Brooklyn this summer. It is unfortunate that the choice of location, Third Avenue and Baltic Street, is motivated by tragedy (a four-year-old boy was killed there by a Hummer […]

Building Science for non-architects.

Last week I attended a two-day course on Building Science Fundamentals. Why, you may ask, would a non-architect opt to use their spare time (and money) in such a way? Well… aside from having been interested in architecture since childhood, I was encouraged to attend by several (also non-architect) friends in the name of learning […]

BBB, continued.

Moments after posting today’s Bigger Better Bottle Bill piece (see below), I received an email alert from the NY Times that contained, serendipitously… an article about bottle bills past, present and future. The perfect companion to my previous post! The bottle bill’s scope, and to some extent the very vision of a more waste-conscious world […]

Support the BBB (Bigger Better Bottle BillBi

Did you know that the plastic bottles used for non-carbonated beverages such as bottled water, iced teas and sports drinks do not carry a 5-cent refundable deposit like soda bottles do? New York’s Returnable Container Act is now 25 years old, and although this legislation has been extremely effective in increasing recycling (over 90 billion […]

Portland Oregon's Village Building Convergence

Portland Oregon’s Village Building Convergence

My friend Clarence (from Streetfilms) has just returned from the 7th Annual Village Building Convergence in Portland, Oregon. This is a 10-day-long event where “neighborhoods activate to build shared public places that they have envisioned, designed, funded, and will maintain for themselves”. One of my (and Clarence’s) favorite projects is the homemade traffic circles that […]