“Designing Cities for People”

In keeping with the theme of last weeks’ Sustainable Flatbush Event #2 | Livable Cities, today’s Earth Policy News landed in my email box with urban transportation issues squarely in the forefront. Check out the complete article here:


Favorite quotes:

“One of the most remarkable modern urban transformations has occurred in Bogotá, Colombia, where Enrique Peñalosa served as Mayor for three years, beginning in 1998. When he took office he did not ask how life could be improved for the 30 percent who owned cars; he wanted to know what could be done for the 70 percent—the majority—who did not own cars… Peñalosa realized that a city that is a pleasant environment for children and the elderly would work for everyone.”

“Cars promise mobility, and they provide it in a largely rural setting. But in an urbanizing world there is an inherent conflict between the automobile and the city. After a point, as their numbers multiply, automobiles provide not mobility but immobility.”


Streets for People

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