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Flatbush Electronics Recycling Event This Weekend!

Flatbush Electronics Recycling Event This Weekend!

This photo by Flatbush Gardener illustrates how NOT to dispose of your unwanted electronics items! Instead, bring them to the First-Ever Flatbush Electronics Recycling Event this weekend. Details below: When: Saturday June 30, 10am – 4pm Sunday July 1, 10am – 4pm Monday July 2, 4pm – 7pm Where: Cortelyou Road between Rugby and Argyle […]

Q&A with the New DOT Commissioner

I for one will be eagerly following the Q&A taking place on the Times’ City Room blog with newly-appointed Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan. Part one of six is up now, and I almost can’t believe what I’m reading… she is talking about the kind of transportation scenario in New York City that I […]

Rally to Stop Using Styrofoam Trays in NYC Public Schools

Obviously this post is a little late for most people to get to the rally (I just heard about it), but I wanted to give some visibility to the topic; I had no idea New York public schools were still using styrofoam trays, so perhaps some of you didn’t know either. Certainly there are more […]

The 11th Hour for Congestion Pricing

The NY Times editorial quoted below spells out the current stalemate on congestion pricing and consequences of NOT passing this much-needed piece of legislation (including a subway fare hike as high as 50%). I am thoroughly embarassed by the Democratic Party “leadership” that could cost our city $500 million in federal funds earmarked for public […]

Solar Summit 2007: Power, Policy, and a free (NOT Plastic) Bag!

Yesterday I attended the NYC Solar Summit 2007, sponsored by CUNY’s Center for Sustainable Energy. The event’s focus was on how to enable the growth of solar power as a renewable energy resource here in NYC, discussed from many angles. I will try to provide a more in-depth report later, but first I just HAD […]

“I’m NOT A Plastic Bag”

I was in Soho yesterday afternoon and passed by the shop that sold out of 800 of these bags in three hours. Hopefully this will result in 800 fewer black plastic bags hanging from trees and ending up in the landfill.

Fashionistas Queue Up for Reusable Bag

Fashionistas Queue Up for Reusable Bag

Here’s a surreal image from Soho this morning: People are lined up for a city block waiting to purchase a limited-edition tote bag emblazoned with the slogan “I Am Not a Plastic Bag”. photo by Keka Here is a blurb from the company’s website: How can I buy I’m Not A Plastic Bag in the […]

Public Recycling in Brooklyn!

These bins are in Borough Hall Plaza, by the farmers’ market. A peek inside revealed excellent recycling compliance. Go Brooklyn!

Thanks to All Who Attended Event #3!

Thanks to All Who Attended Event #3!

We had a full house for Friday’s lecture by Wilton Duckworth and Joan Ewing of Green Phoenix Permaculture. Wilton provided some fascinating historical perspective on New York City’s infrastructure; I was particularly intrigued to learn of our transition from a city that was once able to sell its “night soil” (waste from outhouses) to farmers […]

Cacau Arcoverde Brings Brazil to Flatbush!

Event #3 also provided a special treat for the late-nighters who stayed to hear Cacau Arcoverde and Ileana Santamaria perform music and dance from Pernambuco, Brazil! We even had a roda de capoeira going for a minute (thanks to Samir). DJ Drummerman (Jeff Duneman) and I helped out on percussion too. photos by Chris Kreussling […]