Fashionistas Queue Up for Reusable Bag

Here’s a surreal image from Soho this morning:

People are lined up for a city block waiting to purchase a limited-edition
tote bag emblazoned with the slogan “I Am Not a Plastic Bag”.

photo by Keka

Here is a blurb from the company’s website:

How can I buy I’m Not A Plastic Bag in the US?
After the huge excitement surrounding the launch of I’m Not A Plastic Bag in the UK we are pleased to announce that we will be launching a limited edition version of this bag with navy blue lettering in the US on June 20th.

The bag will be available from all US Anya Hindmarch stores, Ron Herman and Fred Segal Flair for just $15. Due to overwhelming demand purchases will be limited to two bags per customer.

The bag will also be available from Holt Renfrew in Canada for $18 (Canadian dollars).

From 18th July the bag will be available at selected Whole Foods Market stores.

I would like to know how many of the people who buy this bag will actually use it in place of a plastic bag, and for how long. Will they abandon it for the next “must-have” accessory when tout-le-monde is able to buy it at Whole Foods in July? Cynicism aside, is this kind of product generating an environmental discussion amongst people who wouldn’t be having one otherwise, and if so isn’t that a good thing?

2 Responses to “ Fashionistas Queue Up for Reusable Bag ”

  1. I think people might get into using these bags… We tend to use the large tote bags from LL-Bean. They are very large and are almost always on sale if you are not picky about the color.


  2. i really hope people do use them. even if their primary motivation is to be seen with a limited-edition “chic” accessory, i say go for it, the result is the same!

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