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Trashion: Etsy's Recycled Fashion Show

Trashion: Etsy’s Recycled Fashion Show

Check out tomorrow’s indie designer/fashion/recycling event from the crafty folks at etsy! ____________________________________________________ What is Trashion? Well, as you might guess, it’s fashion, accessories, art, and crafts made from trash and upcycled and recycled materials. You can check out the philosophy and some of the work of these artists here. What will be going on? […]

Be Cool program - Replace Your Inefficient A/C

Be Cool program – Replace Your Inefficient A/C

If you or your apartment building are looking to replace older, inefficient air conditioners, now is a good time… NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) is providing financial incentives to upgrade old A/Cs to Energy Star models, which use at least 10% less energy. Why would NYSERDA and Con Ed give me […]

A Challenge from Guest Blogger Carolyn Gilles

Carolyn Gilles is a co-founder of the GreenEdge Collaborative, an event planner, and an organic chef. In this post she challenges herself and all of us to take some steps toward making our own lives more sustainable: Be Mindfully Competitive with Yourself! As some of you know, for the past 2+ years I’ve been studying […]

Q&A with “The Garbage Expert”

NY Times’ City Room blog continues its Q&A series with experts on various urban planning issues (the first was with recently-appointed Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan). For the garbage/recycling geeks among us (I include myself here), this is a very interesting read. And if we are going to think that expansively about how we might use […]

Water Conservation forum this Wednesday

Water Conservation forum this Wednesday

I attended this seminar two years ago, and it completely changed my thinking about water use. Hint: if you think you know how much water a leaky toilet wastes, think again! Water Conservation: Quench Your Thirst for Information What better way to jumpstart a sustainable summer than to learn about water conservation! Join us in […]

Sustainable Home Design Seminars coming to Brooklyn!

Sustainable Home Design Seminars coming to Brooklyn!

Greening Your Home: Living Sustainably in Brooklyn Four free seminars conducted by Ellen Honigstock, a Registered Architect and LEED Accredited Professional. A green home uses less energy, water and natural resources; creates less waste; and is healthier and more comfortable for the occupants. Wednesday, July 18, 2007 7pm Lonelyville Cafe 154 Prospect Park Southwest, Windsor […]

Congestion Pricing = Security Pricing

Dan Miner, Sierra Club NYC Group’s Energy Committee Chair, explores the topic of congestion pricing from another perspective: “Our dependence on cars and trucks is a national security issue… By getting more drivers out of cars and onto mass transit, congestion pricing increases our economic resiliency to fuel price shocks. Because of its many benefits, […]

Solar Summit 2007 Report

Solar Summit 2007 Report

As promised, a report from Solar Summit 2007, by guest blogger Mike Adams of NY Wind. About Mike: • Mike Adams considers himself a citizen of the earth. He currently splits his time between working with Community Energy to spread the word about wind power and electric choice, working on an two organic farms, Sun […]

Recommended Reading on the Farm Bill

Recommended Reading on the Farm Bill

The Farm Bill has a huge impact on our food system here in the U.S., and in this age of globalization its repercussions are felt worldwide. Everything from the survival of small organic farms to the availability of fresh produce in low-income neighborhoods to what kind of food and agriculture our tax dollars subsidize (or […]

StreetFilms: Intersection Intervention at Pioneer Theater

Last year’s StreetFilms screening was great fun. This year should be even more interesting with all the changes currently on the table for transportation and streets use in New York City. Please join the NYCSR and The Open Planning Project as we present an enlightening cross-section of our best work featuring twenty of our short […]