Sustainability Begins at Home

“What I Did On My Summer Vacation” really was life-changing. It was exhilarating to face the physical challenges of long-distance cycling, camping, and eating vegan food (hehehe!) each day. It was inspiring to see concrete examples of sustainable living, and this made me more determined to move my own life in this direction, here at home.

In my case, home is Brooklyn. Not an organic farm. Not an intentional eco-community. Not a cute little city on the West Coast where people brake for bicycles. A co-op apartment building in New York City — perhaps the world’s best example of an UN-intentional community! Seeing sustainability concepts, such as permaculture, in action is sometimes both inspiring and frustrating for me as a person with no intentions of forsaking city life to go plant squash and tend chickens. Which sustainability models make sense in an urban setting? What can I do in my own life, my own home? Well here’s a big one to start with: make less garbage.

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