Gardening Committee Kickoff Meeting!

The kickoff meeting for Sustainable Flatbush’s Gardening Committee will be held this coming Monday, November 26th. All details available on Flatbush Gardener’s blog.

autumn leaves
photo by Flatbush Gardener

(Did I mention that Flatbush Gardener was recently #3 in the Top 100 list of Gardening sites?)

3 Responses to “ Gardening Committee Kickoff Meeting! ”

  1. PS: The photo is of a luminous maple in the front yard of a neighbor around the corner from me in Beverley Square West. It’s one of a series of photos I took on Sunday of our spectacular fall foliage.

  2. PPS: I’ve since fallen to #7. So, so sad …

  3. #7 is still good, no? there’s a lot of gardening sites out there!

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