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Congestion Pricing Countdown

Congestion Pricing Ad, originally uploaded by wka. As a supporter of Congestion Pricing, I felt that this week was the time to do whatever I can to help get this legislation passed. So last Saturday I spent some time in Crown Heights (Brooklyn) asking people to take the time to compose a personal letter in […]

Obama Supports Congestion Pricing!!

Check out coverage at the NY Observer here, NY Times City Room blog here, and WNYC here… from City Room: “I think Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal for congestion pricing is a thoughtful and innovative approach to the problem,” Mr. Obama told Bob Hennelly of WNYC, in an interview that is scheduled to be broadcast during National […]

OTBKB Goes Car-Free

A fellow Brooklyn blogger tells the story of ditching the family car and breathing a sigh of relief. My favorite line: “When I sold my car I wanted to throw a party,” the DMV employee who took my plates told me. Just sayin’.

Uh Oh… We’re On TV!

Several weeks ago I was filmed for an episode of A Walk Around the Blog, a series that profiles Brooklyn bloggers as part of the news magazine program Brooklyn Review that airs on Brooklyn Independent Television. We checked out the neighborhood (by bike, of course!), spoke about some of Sustainable Flatbush’s past, present and future […]

Ah, Re-Organization!

At last week’s Sustainable Flatbush Monthly Meeting, some collective decisions were made to change our organizational structure. Here’s how the change was described to everyone who has signed up for our committees’ listserv groups: Based on discussion at Monday’s general meeting, we’re going to pilot using a single, unified group to coordinate planning for all […]

Weather? What Weather?

Here’s something I love to see: ordinary people cycling in the snow, photo courtesy of Copenhagen blog Cycleiciousness. When discussing the possibility of New York City becoming a truly bike-friendly city, one of the most common reasons offered for why This Could Never Happen Here is “The Weather”. Well, check it out, folks: Moi, en […]

More on NYC’s Electronics Recycling Bill(s)

Last week I was invited to sit in on a meeting of the Environmental Subcommittee of Manhattan Community Board 3, which represents several downtown neighborhoods including the East Village, Lower East Side and Chinatown. This district is home to a plethora of innovative environmental organizations and their founders, including Christina Datz-Romero of Lower East Side […]

NY Governor (the New One!) on Global Warming

This speech by then-Lieutenant Governor David Paterson is from last year’s Step It Up rally. Love how he refers to global warming deniers as “fossils”!!

Flatbush/Midwood Residents: Your Feedback Wanted

Do you live in Flatbush or Midwood? Let your voice be heard on global warming! CUNY Graduate School of Journalism’s New York City News Service has asked us to find out how you feel about global warming. In addition to being posted on their web-based wire service, survey results may be picked up by local […]

Client 9

Okay, since I promised to keep politics out of the discussions here, I won’t write about how disappointed I am in Eliot Spitzer. Except to say that as a registered Democrat who voted for him, I feel completely betrayed. And, that I am beyond appalled to see someone who aggressively chased down prostitution rings as […]