Spring 2010 Intern: Maria!

Hi! My name is Maria Bergenhem. I am currently an undergraduate junior at New York University in the Environmental Studies Program focusing on environmental science.


photo by Maria Bergenhem

I spent last summer working for the Fish and Wildlife Service in Connecticut as a biological intern on Falkner’s Island, in Long Island sound. As part of the field team, I helped manage the productivity of two species of terns throughout the summer breeding season. This semester, I look forward to an exciting experience working with energy solutions on the community level with Sustainable Flatbush.

The big project of the semester is definitely the Neighborhood Energy Forum that Sustainable Flatbush is putting together. It’s taking place March 20th. The event is going to deal with how to make Flatbush energy usage both more efficient and increase the amount of alternative energy used for everyone in the community.

On my first day Jocelyn Cohen, Director of Sustainable Flatbush’s Energy Solutions Initiative, showed me around the Brooklyn College Campus and introduced me to some of the participants that have already signed up for the Forum. National Grid will be there, which seems like really big news. I am going to be helping with the planning of the event, contacting potential participants, as well as the organization on the actual day of the event. I am basically going to try to help Anne Pope, the Founder and Executive Director of Sustainable Flatbush, and Jocelyn with whatever they need in order to make this a great event. This of course includes blogging! You can look forward to more posts from me as we get closer to the date itself. Saturday March 20th, mark your calendars today!

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  1. Welcome, Maria! I look forward to working with you and Jocelyn on the Vox Pop Statue of Liberty Solar Project this spring!!

  2. Thanks, Debi! I look forward to meeting you and hearing more about the project! 🙂

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