Meet Fall Intern: Kimberly!

Folding bike built by Kimberly with Recycle-a-Bicycle

My name is Kimberly White and I will be a Fall Intern with Sustainable Flatbush. I am a freshman at CUNY Baruch and I intend to pursue a double major in environmental engineering and agriculture, with a minor in sustainability. Previously I interned with Recycle-A-Bicycle as a student mechanic.

I was inspired to mobilize, organize and educate others about the environmental justice movement by Community Roots (a youth summer program at Brooklyn College). I’m excited to work in solidarity with Sustainable Flatbush to engage a myriad of cultures into sustainable development.  Particularly I’m interested in the racial and cultural dynamics of the green movement.

This curiosity of the racial and environmental inequities embedded in our culture and therefore in the uneven development of sustainability is attested to an environmental justice trip that I embarked on with the youth-led organization NY2NO. Additionally I’m interested in solar energy and becoming further educated about how this system works.

Kimberly and the bees

I’m an amateur bee-keeper, a biker, activist, and an almost intern of Sustainable Flatbush! I’m looking forward to working in solidarity with Flatbush as I believe that our liberation is entwined with each other’s.

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  1. thanks for letting us use your metrocard today. it was extremely kind of you… have a great internship. the boys thought you were nice.

  2. You’re very welcome Kathy, I hope to see you soon at other SF events.

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