Community Garden Update!

Hi gardeners and future gardeners of Flatbush!

Just wanted to give you an update on the status of our garden project at the Flatbush Reformed Church. We’ve had a little bit of a rocky start, with soil high in lead and other toxic materials, as well as addressing the concerns of local residents.

Church Garden visioning meeting (photo by Alexandra Corazza)

That being said, we are persevering and have  some recent developments that we’re very excited about!

SO, here’s what we’re looking at for the garden right now:

We’ve recently partnered with Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s Brooklyn Urban Gardeners (BUG) program; BUG is providing us with five students to collaborate on community outreach, garden design, and resource assessments this fall/winter. We welcome the participation of community members in these projects; if you are interested in helping out at this exciting stage in the development of the garden, please email me at

We will also be partnering with the Flatbush Farm Share CSA and Brooklyn Food Coalition‘s Flatbush neighborhood group to provide interested community members with workshops and events at the future garden site and other locations. Save the date on October 10th for the  first of these collaborations: a Garden Cleanup and Potluck! This event will be part of’s Global Work Party, an international campaign of local actions to support climate change solutions. More info on this in my next blog post!

All of this activity, of course, is in preparation for planting this spring. We’re all excited to get our hands dirty!

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