Be our Valentine: support our compost bin project!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by supporting our composting project at the Flatbush Reformed Church!

Back in November we collected over a ton of autumn leaves from the community during Project Leafdrop at the Flatbush Reformed Church. Not only did we divert over a TON of organic matter from landfills, we will turn what would have been garbage into a valuable rich compost and mulch for our community garden project.

Now we need money to build a 3-bin compost system and buy a shredder to create leaf mulch. We posted a fundraiser on ioby, a fantastic micro-inancing website for grassroots NYC environmental projects, and have raised about one third of our goal.

What does this have to do with Valentine’s Day? TODAY ONLY, donations to our compost bin project at the Church Avenue Communal Garden will be DOUBLED! Your $5 donation becomes $10! Your $50 donation becomes $100!

So be our Valentine and show our compost bin project some LOVE!

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