The Great Change: The World Beyond Petroleum

The Great Change: The World Beyond Petroleum An evening with Albert Bates Where: Friends Meeting House 15 Rutherford Place, Manhattan (15th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues) Sponsors: Sierra Club NYC Group Beyond Oil NYC Neighborhood Energy Network Tri-State Food Not Lawns Friends in Unity with Nature Cost: free, but donations to support Albert’s travel […]

Wangari Maathai... WOW!

Wangari Maathai… WOW!

Last night I attended a lecture at the Museum of Natural History by 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner and founder of the Green Belt Movement, Wangari Maathai. What an inspiration! For those not familiar with her organization, The Green Belt Movement provides income and sustenance to millions of people in Kenya through the planting of […]

Portland photo album

Portland photo album

More photos from Portland here: • Views from bridges and mountains • Bicycle-loving graffiti and architecture • Stormwater management strategies • Gorgeous produce at the Farmers’ Market • Did I mention the bikes? Have a look! Next up, a report and photos from the Sustainable Energy in Motion Bike Tour…

Portland City Repair

While in Portland, I was eager to check out some of the projects spearheaded by a local organization called City Repair (“an organized group action that educates and inspires communities and individuals to creatively transform the places where they live”). One of their traffic calming “intersection repairs” turned out to be a few blocks from […]

Thanks to All Who Attended Event #3!

Thanks to All Who Attended Event #3!

We had a full house for Friday’s lecture by Wilton Duckworth and Joan Ewing of Green Phoenix Permaculture. Wilton provided some fascinating historical perspective on New York City’s infrastructure; I was particularly intrigued to learn of our transition from a city that was once able to sell its “night soil” (waste from outhouses) to farmers […]

Cacau Arcoverde Brings Brazil to Flatbush!

Event #3 also provided a special treat for the late-nighters who stayed to hear Cacau Arcoverde and Ileana Santamaria perform music and dance from Pernambuco, Brazil! We even had a roda de capoeira going for a minute (thanks to Samir). DJ Drummerman (Jeff Duneman) and I helped out on percussion too. photos by Chris Kreussling […]

Special Guest Ileana Santamaria performs at Event #3!

Special Guest Ileana Santamaria performs at Event #3!

Tonight’s Sustainable Flatbush Event #3 | Urban Permaculture is ON… with an added BoNuS: Vocalist/dancer/songwriter/percussionist *** Ileana Santamaria *** will treat us to some of her favorite classic Brazilian tunes!! “Cuban-born Ileana Santamaria grew up in a musical household with a dream to carry on the legacy of her father, Cuban percussionist and Latin Jazz […]

Sustainable Flatbush Event #3 - This Friday!

Sustainable Flatbush Event #3 – This Friday!

(text version follows)

Sustainable Flatbush Event #3!

Sustainable Flatbush Event #3!

Sustainable Flatbush Event #3 Friday, June 15th, 8pm until midnight at Vox Pop Cafe/Bookstore 1022 Cortelyou Road, Flatbush, Brooklyn Q train to Cortelyou Road, walk 5 blocks west to Stratford Our regular (ish) monthly (or so) event will be on Friday June 15th from 8pm to midnight. The subject will be “Permaculture and its Applications […]

Sean Maley reports from Green Phoenix Permaculture Design Course

I met Sean Maley from Green Phoenix Permaculture‘s NYC Chapter on my visit to Epworth Camp a few weeks ago, and invited him to do a little guest blogging about the Permaculture Design Course. (Doesn’t “guest blogging” sound like an appropriate way to reconnect with the urban whirlwind?) Sean is a resident of Upper Manhattan, […]