FreeMeet this Saturday!

FreeMeet this Saturday!

FreeMeets are a great way to keep quality usable items out of the waste stream. Bring good stuff you no longer need, take something home that someone else no longer needed.

New York State Environmental Politics

New York State Environmental Politics

For those of you who are interested in following New York State environmental politics, a great online resource is Environmental Advocates of New York. I also receive their email alerts, and was pleased to learn that my State Senator, Kevin Parker, supported all four Environmental Super Bills that were being considered in the state legislature […]

Good News: Home Depot will offer CFL Recycling

Thanks to a reader for sending in this very good news: Home Depot announced on Tuesday that they will start accepting CFL bulbs for recycling. Any instance of producers and retailers taking responsibility for the end-of-life disposal of the products they make and sell can only be a good sign; this will ultimately drive the […]

Let ‘Em Know!

Lots going on (or trying to!) in Albany and beyond on environmental issues. Here are just a few links to support important legislation being considered: Solar Energy This week the State legislature approved new tax incentives to encourage the installation of more solar electric (photovoltaic) panels in New York. This is great news, but the […]

NYC Schools Must Recycle! Petition

If you can’t make it next Tuesday (or even if you can) there’s a petition you can sign to support this cause: The NYC Recycling Action Committee, formed by two NYC teachers, aims to help get recycling programs in every public and private NYC school. We’re making progress toward that goal, but we need your […]

Support Recycling in NYC Schools next Tuesday!

This comes from Educating Tomorrow, a group that “seeks to build a dynamic community connecting NYC K-12 teachers, administrators, students in teaching, and organizations serving children and schools”. Calling All NYC School Recycling Supporters! City Hall wants to hear from us! And we NEED YOUR HELP! A Joint Committee hearing with the Dept. of Sanitation […]

Recycle Your CFLs at Brooklyn Green Drinks!

I’ve received a number of inquiries lately from folks wondering where to recycle CFL bulbs locally (the bulbs contain a small amount of mercury, and shouldn’t be thrown out with the trash). This Wednesday the answer is at Brooklyn Green Drinks, hosted by Center for the Urban Environment at their beautiful new home, a showplace […]

Ah, Re-Organization!

At last week’s Sustainable Flatbush Monthly Meeting, some collective decisions were made to change our organizational structure. Here’s how the change was described to everyone who has signed up for our committees’ listserv groups: Based on discussion at Monday’s general meeting, we’re going to pilot using a single, unified group to coordinate planning for all […]

More on NYC’s Electronics Recycling Bill(s)

Last week I was invited to sit in on a meeting of the Environmental Subcommittee of Manhattan Community Board 3, which represents several downtown neighborhoods including the East Village, Lower East Side and Chinatown. This district is home to a plethora of innovative environmental organizations and their founders, including Christina Datz-Romero of Lower East Side […]

Stuff I like…

… and just had to share: Flatbush Gardener has a piece on Making Brooklyn Bloom, this Saturday at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden… Streetsblog, Brooklyn Junction and Brooklyn Streets, Carroll Gardens on transit upgrades proposed in the recent State of the MTA address. Of particular interest is the idea of converting a “lightly used Bay Ridge […]