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Lawn Litter Law Goes Into Effect!

Lawn Litter Law Goes Into Effect!

Mark Levy represented Sustainable Flatbush at Sunday’s Lawn Litter Law press conference. Here’s his report from the event:

New York State Environmental Politics

New York State Environmental Politics

For those of you who are interested in following New York State environmental politics, a great online resource is Environmental Advocates of New York. I also receive their email alerts, and was pleased to learn that my State Senator, Kevin Parker, supported all four Environmental Super Bills that were being considered in the state legislature […]

Petition in support of Repowering America

“America must commit to producing 100% of our electricity from cheap, clean renewable energy sources, like solar and wind, within 10 years.” If you are onboard with Al Gore’s challenge, let Obama, McCain, and your elected officials know by signing the MoveOn petition here. Let’s do this!!

Repowering America, Locally

Repowering America, Locally

Our Sustainable Flatbush Neighborhood Solar Forum on Wednesday was a great success. This was the first of what I plan to be a series of forums on energy-related topics, and the timing is clearly right: the very next day Al Gore made his speech urging the United States to Repower America – convert our entire […]

NY Times Quotes of the Day

Obama Assails Remarks by McCain on Offshore Oil Drilling Obama laid into McCain over his proposals to ease energy prices through offshore oil drilling, specifically his statement that it would provide “psychological benefit” — since the oil industry is already leasing land that it for some reason chooses not to drill on, and since experts […]

Let ‘Em Know!

Lots going on (or trying to!) in Albany and beyond on environmental issues. Here are just a few links to support important legislation being considered: Solar Energy This week the State legislature approved new tax incentives to encourage the installation of more solar electric (photovoltaic) panels in New York. This is great news, but the […]

Brooklyn Blogfest 2008

photo by Flatbush Gardener When I attended last year’s Brooklyn Blogfest at the Old Stone House in Park Slope, Sustainable Flatbush had been online for only a few weeks. Most of the names and people and language of the blogging world were very new to me, everyone at the event seemed to be from Fort […]

Petition: Bring “Gold Standard” Streets to Brooklyn!

This afternoon I received word of a petition supporting a re-design of Vanderbilt Avenue (Prospect Heights) to include separated bike lanes. By providing designated space for cars, bicycles and pedestrians, this design would meet what the Department of Transportation calls the “gold standard” for safety. Full disclosure: I am a huge fan of separated bike […]

Congestion Pricing Countdown

Congestion Pricing Ad, originally uploaded by wka. As a supporter of Congestion Pricing, I felt that this week was the time to do whatever I can to help get this legislation passed. So last Saturday I spent some time in Crown Heights (Brooklyn) asking people to take the time to compose a personal letter in […]

Client 9

Okay, since I promised to keep politics out of the discussions here, I won’t write about how disappointed I am in Eliot Spitzer. Except to say that as a registered Democrat who voted for him, I feel completely betrayed. And, that I am beyond appalled to see someone who aggressively chased down prostitution rings as […]