Green Apple Bike Tour – Global Cooling Edition!

Sponsored by the lovely folks at Green Apple Maps

Happy Bike Month!

Green Apple Bike Tour starts at 11 am at the Temperance Monument in Tompkins Square Park, near Avenue A and East 9th Street. Co-sponsored by Time’s Up!

Bring your bike and explore sustainability sites, gardens, greenways and riversides, composting, solar power, green buildings and more – in the Garden District and Lower East Side, along with Green Map System and special guest speakers. Honor Mother Nature this Mother’s Day!

4 Responses to “ Green Apple Bike Tour – Global Cooling Edition! ”

  1. I’m going to be at this WITHOUT A DOUBT. Going to try to drag Judith Helfand out too (she made EVERYTHING’S COOL, the global warming doc about the plight of the messengers – have you seen it?) Also, strange that I didn’t make the connection but YES i know streetfilms. A friend of mine from grad school is an editor there. Small sustainable world. xo N

  2. This sounds great! However, it won’t be easy getting my heavy bike (workman’s bike) downtown. And I just found out I have asthma so I’m thinking exercise away from car fumes (as wouldn’t be the case if I had to ride downtown and uptown, most likely…unless I took the Hudson Parkway or a way along the water)?

  3. hudson greenway has some of the nicest air in town!

  4. Ah, I’m feeling so much better perhaps I will go for it. But maybe it would be overdoing. I think the exploding fire extinguisher in my building is what maybe trigged the relapse.

    Anyway, here is a cool vid on YouTube vis a vis Freegans:

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