Got Bottles?


A request came in this morning from Solar One, the wonderful sustainability education center located on the East River in Manhattan. Their Green Renter lecture series is a fantastic resource for learning about all sorts of environmental topics, and their outdoor festivals in the summer, which feature films, music, dance, and “green” vendors, are lots of fun.

This looks like a cool and creative way to keep plastic bottles out of the landfill (at least until the Bigger Better Bottle Bill is passed):

For Solar One’s Citysol festival this summer to take place July 12-15, artist Jasmine Zimmerman will be constructing habit-able castles of recycled plastic bottles. We’ve estimated needing up to 8,000 used plastic bottles for this project and are hoping to collect them from the homes and offices of New Yorkers. We will deconstruct the structures after the festival is over and recycle them properly. We will be collecting bottles at Solar 1 (located at 23rd Street & the East River) we are generally here Monday-Friday, 9-5pm. We can also arrange for pickup if you’re unable to come to our site. 16-20oz. bottles will be easiest to use, but anything you have would be great!

Please e-mail for more information.

Additionally, this will be a community building project, so please stay tuned on how you can participate — we’ll be adding to the structures throughout the festival so they will be constantly changing in form and scale with the voice of visitors.

Take a look at for a brief overview of this year’s events and check back as information is updated in the coming weeks.

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