Sustainable Flatbush Event #3 – This Friday!


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each month (or so) Sustainable Flatbush will present a workshop, lecture, or film on a sustainability-related theme that can benefit our neighborhood…

… and then, we party!

Sustainable Flatbush Event #3 | Permaculture, A View from the Urban Environment
Friday, June 15th 2007 8pm-midnight
at Vox Pop Cafe/Bookstore
1022 Cortelyou Road (at Stratford), Brooklyn
Q train to Cortelyou Road

Featured speakers Joan Ewing and Wilton Duckworth are former Flatbush residents now living in upstate New York, where they host permaculture workshops, including a recent design intensive with Geoff Lawton of Permaculture Research Institute of Australia and Ethan Roland of Appleseed Permaculture. After screening Lawton’s film “Greening the Desert”, which documents the transformation of a salty, arid expanse of sand into an abundant food forest, Wilton and Joan will discuss how permaculture concepts can be applied to NYC’s unique challenges and possibilities.

Before and after the presentation we will enjoy music from resident DJ Drummerman, visuals by Keka, Vox Pop’s lovely assortment of food and drinks, and scintillating conversation with smart, charming people (that’s you!).

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P.S. keep an eye out for our upcoming E-Waste Recycling Event on June 30th and July 1st and 2nd!

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