Trashion: Etsy’s Recycled Fashion Show

Check out tomorrow’s
indie designer/fashion/recycling event
from the crafty folks at etsy!


What is Trashion? Well, as you might guess, it’s fashion, accessories, art, and crafts made from trash and upcycled and recycled materials. You can check out the philosophy and some of the work of these artists here.

What will be going on? Well, well, at the Trashion show, you can:

*shop more than a dozen etsy shop’s designs, art, clothes, paper goods, accessories and housewares

*pick up some free samples (if you arrive early enough)

*learn more about trashion

*learn how to make some paper beads – and create some
to take home for free

*take away some more trashion supplies for inspiration

*participate in our online chat

*eat some tasty treats, talk with the sellers and schmooze

*support indie designers with an eco-focus to their handmade goods

What are Last Fridays Trunk Shows? Glad you asked! They’re parties with music, drinks, fun people to meet and talk to, and awesome goods to browse and buy- basically a great way to start your Friday night.

Please rsvp if you wanna come. See ya soon!

When: Friday, July 27 from 6-8PM
Where: Etsy Labs: 325 Gold St., 6th Floor
How: Directions

2 Responses to “ Trashion: Etsy’s Recycled Fashion Show ”

  1. Hello,
    I was wondering if this event happens the last friday of every month? Also, what do you need to do to sell at this event? Is there a selection process? Does it cost money?

    I’m a Minneapolis crafter but my husband and I are moving to Brooklyn in April and I’m trying to find places to sell at out there.

    Thanks so much! 🙂

  2. i would recommend contacting the nice folks at etsy for more info on their events.

    good luck with the move, i’m sure you will find lots of great spots to sell here in lovely brooklyn!

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