Fl@bush Frolic

We interrupt the “What-I-did-on-my-summer-vacation” essay to give a brief report on this week’s activities back in Brooklyn…

The 30th Annual Flatbush Frolic street fair took place last Sunday on Cortelyou Road. Sustainable Flatbush was out promoting recycling and biking, and I acquired my new favorite T-shirt:


photos by Keka

Thanks to Eve Martinez from NYC Department of Sanitation for bringing all the great recycling materials, and to Transportation Alternatives for the magazines and 2007 bike maps — we gave ’em all away!

3 Responses to “ Fl@bush Frolic ”

  1. My new favorite t-shirt, as well.

  2. Where do we get us some of them shirts, pardner??!

  3. the shirts are made by a group of young designer/entrepeneurs from the neighborhood who call themselves 37Deep (from e37 and Ditmas, natch!). they had a table at the Frolic.

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