We represent Fl@tbush

We represent Fl@tbush, originally uploaded by Flatbush Frolic.

For all those fans of the Fl@bush t-shirt featured in posts on this blog and others (watch the film and you’ll see it!), credit where credit is due:

Gerald Dumay, designer of the Fl@tbush logo and t-shirts smiles alongside Shaundelle Moore, a stellar FDC Frolic volunteer .
(from the Flatbush Frolic’s Flickr page)

Hey Gerald, thanks for the cool design!

7 Responses to “ We represent Fl@tbush ”

  1. I look sooo hot in my XXL red FL@TBUSH t-shirt!

  2. uh oh, that comment almost got routed as spam! 😉

  3. Because I mis-spelled FL@BUSH, no doubt.

  4. no, because it could have easily been lumped with the ads for Paris Hilton sex videos… can’t you just see her in a Fl@bush t-shirt?

  5. I’m often mistaken for Paris.

  6. Where can I get a Fl@bush t shirt?

  7. Kate, I could tell you, but then I’d have to… well, you know…

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