Step It Up 2007 at Grand Army Plaza


Some of you may have participated in the Step It Up rallies held back in April of this year, when people all over the country gathered in iconic locations, calling on Congress to “Cut Carbon 80% by 2050”. Next weekend will be the next phase of events, and Brooklyn is hosting a big one:

On November 3rd the Green Guide for Kids will join with thousands of others across the country in calling on our politicians and candidates to take steps to meet the goal set on April 14th. We will gather at Grand Army Plaza and work together to create a banner that will ask politicians and candidates: Who Is A Leader? A photograph taken of all participants with the banner will be sent to Congress and candidates running for president one year to the date before the federal elections.

Thanks to Deirdre Gill of the Green Guide for Kids for this tip. Check out her blog, “an online resource for kids [and adults!] to find ideas, information, and inspiration to go green”!

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  1. Thanks so much for the post! It’s going to be a lot of fun!

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