Support BCUE with Eco-Shopping!

Brooklyn Center for the Urban Environment does great work educating children and adults about the built and natural environments of New York City. Their activities range from walking tours of Brooklyn neighborhoods to canoing the Gowanus Canal to a bicycle tour of Newtown Creek, and they have sponsored the Green Brooklyn Conference, — “Brooklyn’s largest showcase of green and sustainability issues, programs, and products” — at Borough Hall for the past three years. They also work with NYC public schools to educate children about science and ecology, and have partnered in the creation of environmental leadership programs in three Brooklyn high schools located in Bushwick and Williamsburg: the Academy for Urban Planning, the Green School/Academy for Environmental Careers, and the Academy for Environmental Leadership.

So it’s fantastic news that we can support both environmental education in Brooklyn and green businesses by shopping at, where up to 25% of the purchase price will help fund BCUE’s programs:

Clicking through allows you to:

  • Limit the environmental impact of your purchases
  • Demonstrate your support for green businesses and manufacturers
  • Inform companies of the issues that are important to you as a consumer
  • Donate up to 25% of your purchase to Brooklyn Center for the Urban Environment

The list of vendors includes companies that demonstrate environmentally or socially conscious principles in their products or practices, including:

3R Living
Alternative Energy Store
Apple iTunes
Aubrey Organics
Bag, Borrow or Steal
Design Public
Gardens Alive!
Global Exchange
Green Batteries
Green Nest
Native Remedies
Office Depot
Only Natural Pet Store
Organic Bouquet
Our Green House
The Green Office

While many of these are businesses I would expect to see in a partnership like this (go 3R Living!), it’s particularly nice to see iTunes and ebay on the list.

2 Responses to “ Support BCUE with Eco-Shopping! ”

  1. Gardens Alive! is one of the mail-order companies I’ve dealt with for many years. They have always offered a wide range of products: organic, bio-control, IPM, and so on.

    Park Seed, however, is a handmaiden of the devil …

  2. good to know, xris… why is that?

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