Town Hall Meeting Report

Last night’s Sustainable Flatbush Town Hall Meeting was a rousing success. We had 25 people in attendance, maxing out our host’s supply of chairs. In addition to a great crew of motivated neighborhood residents, we also had the Director of Brooklyn College’s Center for the Study of Brooklyn, the Pedestrian Advocate from Transportation Alternatives, several representatives from Flatbush Development Corporation, and the Coordinator for NYSERDA’s EMPOWER program (providing energy efficiency consultations for low-income New Yorkers). Also on hand were local bloggers from Brooklyn Junction, Flatbush Gardener and Ditmas Park Blog.

Six committees were established:

– R3 (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
– Gardening
– Livable Streets
– Energy Efficiency
– Business Outreach
– Schools Outreach

Stay tuned as these groups develop their projects for the neighborhood!


4 Responses to “ Town Hall Meeting Report ”

  1. The kickoff meeting for the Gardening committee is Monday, 11/26 at 7pm.

  2. Go Gardeners!!!

  3. I’m sure there’s a bumper sticker in there somewhere:

    Gardeners Do It In The Dirt
    Gardeners Get Dirty
    Gardeners Love Their Tools

    You get the idea.

  4. bring on the bumper stickers!

    maybe the guy who designed that fantastic Fl@bush logo would get involved! 😉

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