Sustainable Flatbush Monthly Meeting

The next monthly meeting will be Monday December 3rd.

Sustainable Flatbush Monthly Meeting
Monday, December 3rd at 7pm
462 Marlborough Road (between Ditmas and Dorchester)
• Hear report and future plans from Gardening Committee Kickoff Meeting
• Plan for December 8th holiday event at Newkirk Plaza and Post-Holiday Electronics Recycling
• Discuss Imagine Flatbush 2030 visioning meetings
• Discuss plans for Livable Streets event at Brooklyn College early next year

Hope to see you there!

4 Responses to “ Sustainable Flatbush Monthly Meeting ”

  1. Just posted my summary of last night’s Gardening Committee Kickoff Meeting.

  2. i saw, cool! think i’ll link to it on the post…

  3. Mark here from Beijing

    Anne: are arrangments set for Sean to let u in the house for mtg on dec 3rd?

    My R3 Report: R3 has not met because I have been in Asia however we are moving along with plans for the Electronics Recycling action event on Jan 5 and Jan 6 from 1pm-5pm Drop off at my garage 462 Marlborough Rd The Fire Brothers (my men’s team) will be handling collection and delivery to BuildItGreen and FB artists David Grupper and David Klein are working on a graphic for on line posting and paper flyer production for posting the old fashioned way on poles and walls

    Hong Kong and Beijing are amazing if anybody is interested in our (son Matt Levy’s ) report go to

  4. whoa, Hong Kong sounds crazy!!

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