Flatbush Arts!

Marlborough storefront
Marlborough and Newkirk, artist’s storefront

Okay, you know you’re a Bad Blogger when other blogs write about your projects before YOU do. A few weeks ago I set up an online group called Flatbush Arts, and promptly notified a few local blogs. Brooklyn Junction jumped on this piece of local news and posted about it the next day (he’s a Good Blogger!); I, on the other hand, am finally doing so now.

Initially I was unsure of whether this blog was an appropriate place for me to promote a completely separate endeavor; however, I am now over this. After all, life without art is arguably not sustainable, or perhaps not worth sustaining! It is also clear to anyone who lives or spends time in Flatbush that there are MANY creative people here with no place to meet and work together in the neighborhood; in this respect the goals of Flatbush Arts are very similar to those of Sustainable Flatbush: doing good stuff right here where we live.

So, though this is old news by blogging standards, I am writing to let you know about the Flatbush Arts online community. The purpose is to create a place to develop and nurture an ongoing locally-based arts scene. As for what is meant by local, since the boundaries of Flatbush seem to be a difficult thing to pinpoint these days (as recently discussed here and here and here and here and here), let’s just say we’re talking about south of Prospect Park, and see how that goes! When this community of artists is so large that we feel the need to splinter off into Flatbush – East Flatbush – Junction – Midwood – Kensington – Prospect Lefferts Gardens… well, then we will have succeeded, right?

And as for what is meant by Arts, we are talking about:

music… dance… painting… sculpture… poetry… film.. theater… design… multimedia… graphics… photography… crafts… fashion… video… literature… (if I’ve missed anything let me know!)

Anyone with a Google ID is welcome to join in the discussion. Let’s see what we can get going.

2 Responses to “ Flatbush Arts! ”

  1. Photography … hmmm …

  2. Yeah baby. Flatbush rocks. I think you made a good call, Anne. IMHO art and music definitely contribute to a sustainable lifestyle and sustainable culture, especially in such an incredible diverse city as Brooklyn. My site has a category for culture… So I will be watching the Flatbush art movement on Sustainable Flatbush. Thanks Anne! Great stuff. And Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

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