Bed Stuy Blog Raises Bike Consciousness

For those of us who conduct many of our activities (shopping, errands, visiting friends, etc.) by bicycle, sharing the road safely with motor vehicles is a daily concern. Thanks to Bed Stuy Blog for putting this neighborhood interest topic on the radar:

Cycling is great for your health (or, it is when you’re not mowed down by an SUV or when someone takes the time to look before opening their car door) and it’s good for the environment, so why aren’t Brooklyn neighborhoods (beyond Williamsburg) more bicycle friendly? I’ve come close to getting hit so many times in Bed-Stuy, simply because drivers are not paying attention to driving or they just don’t expect someone to be actually using the bike lane. Sometimes it can be very frustrating.

Willoughby Ave bike lane sign
Willoughby Ave Bike Lane sign (photo by BedStuyBlog)

Like she said…

The comments following this post turned into an exchange of ideas on how to improve the situation and a proposal for a neighborhood bike ride. It’s a local blogger’s dream to see this kind of response turn into positive action. Go Bed Stuy Blog, and I’ll see you on that ride in ’08!

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