Ask Google Maps for Biking Directions

I just signed a petition urging the folks at Google to include “Bike There” directions in their Maps:

The feature would take into account actual bicycle lanes from the locality being mapped, and it would automatically plan a route for a bicyclist, possibly even providing the cyclist options for either the most direct route, or the most bicycle-friendly (safest) route.

I have often wished for this very thing when using Google Maps; including cycling directions is also a great way to promote bikes as a mode of transport.

Folding Bike in Moutarde
Folding Bike at the bistro; photo by Keka

My signature was number 6872, and they’re coming in from all over the globe. Add yours to the list!

5 Responses to “ Ask Google Maps for Biking Directions ”

  1. Good idea and I will add my name.
    In the meantime there is a “NYC Cycling Map” available from the city. I got a couple of copies by calling 311.
    It has all greenways and “best routes” to bridges etc. It aims you at less congested streets. The Brooklyn side of the map is very good.

  2. I signed #7700.
    Keep it up and please put in the city where you live.

  3. That’s a fantastic idea. Where I live, it is all-year-around cycling weather. I will definitely add my voice to it.

  4. Awesome photo!

  5. Bicycle ! This lightweight transportation mode is both fun and very practical for commuters and campers.Besides, a bicycle is your ticket to exercise and freedom.

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