Weather? What Weather?

Here’s something I love to see: ordinary people cycling in the snow, photo courtesy of Copenhagen blog Cycleiciousness.

When discussing the possibility of New York City becoming a truly bike-friendly city, one of the most common reasons offered for why This Could Never Happen Here is “The Weather”. Well, check it out, folks:

I maintain that NYC’s biggest obstacle to becoming a Bicycle Utopia has nothing to do with temperature or precipitation. As our Copenhagen biking blogger friend points out:

“Snow isn’t slippery when you’re just riding straight. And on a segregrated bike lane, you don’t have any other traffic to worry about.”

YES. It’s The Bike Lanes. Give Us Real Bike Lanes With NO CARS In Them.

One Response to “ Weather? What Weather? ”

  1. Just watch out for black ice! any ice for that matter, and if you usually like to run your tires at max pressure then let some air before going out into the snow 😉

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