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Okay, it’s true: I haven’t been on the blog much these days. The last post was on April 19th; more than a day or two without posting in the blogging world is enough to make one feel like Rip Van Winkle. I could point out that a sudden (and welcome) avalanche of gainful employment took up most of my time; however one need only look at the prolific output of other Brooklyn bloggers (with Gowanus Lounge setting the bar at ridiculous heights for both quality and quantity of posts) to discount THAT excuse. Maybe I’ve been somewhat at a loss for words after Congestion Pricing failed to even get a vote in the state legislature. However, one commenter certainly wasn’t: check out the Longest Blog Comments Ever on Sustainable Flatbush here, from a gentleman who calls himself Mr. Brooklyn. Clearly he and I don’t see eye to eye on this topic, but nonetheless he took the time to stop by and express himself. Thanks, Mr. Brooklyn! No thanks to Silver and the State Assembly, however. To quote a text message I received on that fateful day from neighbor and Sustainable Flatbush stalwart Mark Levy, “F**k! Shelly Silver sux!”

My own relative lack of output here should not be taken as an indication that nothing is going on in the Sustainable Flatbush world, in fact quite the contrary. We’ve got a number of projects brewing behind the scenes, and some right out in public. On Sunday we had our Street-Tree Walking Tour, preceded by a morning of tree planting with the Ditmas Park West Neighborhood Association (photos coming up!). Planning continues for the Newkirk Avenue Block Party, produced in association with Flatbush Development Corporation and NYC Streets Renaissance, which will take place on June 21st. (By happy coincidence, this is the same day as Make Music New York, a citywide festival of live music performances, and it looks like we’ll have a few on Newkirk!) Our monthly meetings happen every second Monday of the month. The next one is May 12th, so if you live in the neighborhood (or not) and would like to get involved, please stop by!

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