Tour de Brooklyn 2008!

Tour de Brooklyn starting line
Tour de Brooklyn 2008 starting line

The Fourth Annual Tour de Brooklyn was, once again, a great success. I’ve ridden in all of them and because the route changes each year, the TdB offers a wonderful opportunity to see parts of Brooklyn that may not be on one’s daily itinerary. This year after starting underneath the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges we rode on Atlantic Avenue from the BQE to Washington, then took Eastern Parkway all the way to Evergreen Cemetery, with three traffic lanes devoted solely to bicycles. How great is that? After the cemetery we went down Knickerbocker Avenue through Bushwick and then passed through Williamsburg on the way to the Navy Yard – where no photos were allowed, much to the consternation of avid photographers like Ultraclay, who nonetheless managed to get a few shots in before the crackdown.

Tour de Brooklyn at the Navy Yard
Brooklyn Navy Yard, photo by Ultraclay

The ride ended up back in DUMBO at Walt Whitman Park, where everyone went their separate ways to enjoy the rest of the beautiful Memorial Day weekend.

Tour de Brooklyn cyclist with passenger
Tour de Brooklyn cyclist with passenger

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