I [Heart] the Slow Bicycle Movement

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Another brilliant campaign from the Copenhagen Bike Culture blog. In that Nordic mecca for stylish cyclists, a relaxed bike ride to work, school, shopping, or socializing is just everyday transportation (no Lycra allowed!). I’ve already mastered the “Slow” part, but full membership seems to require stiletto heels.


3 Responses to “ I [Heart] the Slow Bicycle Movement ”

  1. Couldnt heels actually help when riding a cruiser… I’ve worn cowboy boots once or twice while riding, it was slippery albiet, but the heels provided some grip….



  2. High heels are NOT a prerequisite for adhering to the Slow bicycle movement.
    Merely an appreciation of going slow and enjoying life. Making the journey the destination.

    by the way, the millions of women who cycle in high heels in europe each day do NOT use the heels. just the soles of the feet like everyone else.

  3. Glad to hear that heels aren’t a requirement to join the Slow Bike Movement. I still have to be able to walk after I get off the bike! 🙂

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