Flatbush Bike Ride to Summer Streets!

Okay, now I can speak from first-hand experience: Summer Streets, New York City’s experiment with creating a car-free haven for pedestrians and cyclists, is truly fantastic! A group of us departed from Vox Pop Cafe in Flatbush to ride our bikes through Prospect Park and across the Brooklyn Bridge for this historic event. I must say I never thought I’d have the opportunity to cycle through Manhattan – with no fear of cars – from City Hall to 72nd Street; riding through the streets of Soho, around Union Square, under the Met-Life building and up Park Avenue to 72nd Street… it’s just a beautiful thing.

The weather couldn’t have been better (apparently whoever handles such things is a supporter), and the streets were filled with folks enjoying themselves. The question I kept hearing was “Why is it only until 1pm??”

photo: Flatbush cyclists get ready to ride to Summer Streets! (courtesy of innocent bystander)

3 Responses to “ Flatbush Bike Ride to Summer Streets! ”

  1. Wow. I am so going to catch the last one of these this Saturday, thanks!!!

  2. Does anyone know if the city is planning to do this again for ’09? I participated last year and it was a truly amazing experience. Riding around the Grand Central overpass was like victory laps for the bicycle revolution! I certainly hope it happens again this year.

  3. Looks pretty hopeful: http://tinyurl.com/cq8xn8


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