WTC Memorial powered by biodiesel

Tribute in Light — the memorial to the Twin Towers in remembrance of the September 11th attacks — is being powered by used cooking oil converted to fuel, provided by Brooklyn’s Tri-State Biodiesel.

“This represents a symbolic and substantive departure from the old ways of doing business” says Tri-State Biodiesel CEO Brent Baker, “Instead of powering the memorial with petroleum that comes from the same countries that produced the terrorists, we are now using domestically produced biodiesel, made from recycling waste cooking oil produced right here in New York City.”

photo by Derek Jensen, courtesy of Wikimedia

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  • We are the Park Slope Ethanol Cooperative. Our plan is to build a
    station in Brooklyn and run our vehicles on 100% ethanol. Our goal is to
    make the fuel from locally-based sources.

    What we need are people willing to participate in a revolution in
    energy. Volunteer help is appreciated but not a requirement.

    All vehicles can be inexpensively made to run flexibly on either
    alcohol fuel or gas. Alcohol was the original fuel used
    in internal combustion engines. There is no danger or damage
    possible to your car.

    Get beyond the myths:

    Ethanol produced properly can yield enormous return on energy invested, poses zero threat to food production,sequesters carbon and builds topsoil, and is an endlessly renewable resource. In other words more demand makes it cheaper, not more expensive. Filling your tank will cost $1.50 or more less per gallon.

    Help us reduce greenhouse gases and say no to the oil companies.

    Join us for one of our kick-off meetings:

    WHEN: Tuesday Sept. 16 & Friday Sept. 25 – 7:30pm
    WHERE: The Park Slope Food Coop, 782 Union St. (open to
    all,membership not required)

    contact Michael Winks at with questions

  • Very cool, I build biodiesel processors which turn waste vegetable oil into biodiesel. It is really amazing how simple the process is, as well as saving the customer $2-3 per gallon at the pumps. Algae biodiesel looks even more promising. As the other poster said, we just need to keep moving in the right direction.

  • I drive a 1999 Jetta TDI, I live in Ottawa Ontario, where 1 liter of Diesel fuel costs me on avg $1.30, (approx. = just under $5/gal.) I don’t know much about bio diesel, but I am wondering if I can put the stuff into my tank as it is considerably cheaper?

  • You can find out the details on the internet or by contacting a biodiesel company. But I believe that any car with a diesel engine can use biodiesel (NOT ETHANOL) in various ratios, and can even be converted to run on pure vegetable oil by installing a kit. The kit helps the engine get started so the oil can become liquid, because veggie oil congeals in the cold weather (so you would need this in Canada for sure).

  • It’s a beautiful site to behold when they light it up like that. I agree w/ anne about how biodiesel can be easily used to fuel cars. Why they just don’t start coverting cars to run on them by now is beyond my comprehension. I mean you go to countries like Brazil and there’s a ethanol station on every corner yet you don’t see anything of the sort in the states unless you’re viewing it in terms of 1 station every 500 miles of road. We all know that’s not going to cut it.

    Back on-topic, I do hope that what they’re doing by the original site of the Twin Towers can be the catalyst this country needs to really inplement alternatives to 1st-use gas and oil. Recycled fuels is definitely our future: Why don’t we just embrace it now?

  • I truly believe that engines that use alternative fuels like E85 are here to stay and for hot rod guys such as myself, it is nice to be able to get 105 octane fuel at the pump.

    Keep working on new stuff and we will keep working on trying to go faster than 350 mph in the quarter mile!

    Thanks for a great article on alternative fuels.

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