Campaign for Hormone-free and Organic milk in public schools


We have received this information from Food & Water Watch and wanted to provide a quick link to sign on:

Dear Friend,

Washington, DC based non-profit organization Food & Water Watch is launching a campaign to get rBGH-free (artificial hormone free) and organic milk into the National School Lunch Program. The current information on health effects due to rBGH milk is too little. The milk options available to school children are too few. We’re working to develop legislative advocates that will put language into the 2009 Child Nutrition Reauthorization, allowing public schools the option to specify rBGH free milk in their food bids.

We need your help. Will you sign on to our Organizational Coalition Letter to Congress, asking Members of Congress to clarify schools ability to purchase rBGH-Free and Organic Milk? This letter will go to the Education and Labor Committee in the House, a committee in which New York’s 11th District Congressman Yvette Clark participates. The letter will also be sent to the Senate Agriculture committee.

To sign on, please respond with your name, organization name, address and phone number to Sarah Alexander at

For more information on this campaign you can go to:

Please feel free to contact me if you would like a copy of the coalition letter and if you have any questions.


Hayley Mirek

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