Everyone loves a Worm Composting Potluck!

Despite the somewhat counter-intuitive program, yesterday’s Worm Composting Potluck was a great success!

After enjoying a delicious meal, we got a tour of our host(ess) Micki Josi’s backyard compost bins and a chance to aerate their contents with a compost crank. (Although there were several graduates of the Brooklyn Compost Project‘s Master Composter course present, most of us were amateurs.) Then we came indoors to “harvest” the worm bin by separating the compost from the worms and replenishing the bin with food scraps and newspaper. Since this task normally takes several hours and we had enough people to complete it much more quickly, this worked out well for everyone. Some of us went home with leftovers, compost, and even worms to start our own bins!

Thanks to Micki for hosting and to all who attended! Don’t miss the next Flatbush Supper Club event – we promise more great meals with quirky themes! Flatbush Supper Club is a partnership of Sustainable Flatbush, GreenEdge Collaborative‘s Neighorhood Supper Club program, and Educating Tomorrow (recycling and Zero Waste advocates for NYC public schools).

2 Responses to “ Everyone loves a Worm Composting Potluck! ”

  1. Hmmm, a worm composting potluck did not sound too desirable, but apparently it was fun. Gotta love what our little wormy friends do for us 🙂

  2. Yeah, I was surprised too… it was really fun!

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