Spring 2010 Intern: Nicole!

Hi, Sustainable Flatbush community!  My name is Nicole Abene and I’m interning with Sustainable Flatbush during this Spring, 2010.  I’m majoring in Environmental Studies at New York University and minoring in History.


photo by Nicole Abene

Growing up by the beach in New Jersey, I quickly fell in love with the outdoors and began to wonder about the relationship people have with their environment.  I’m very interested in understanding how people have historically shaped the environment and vice versa – how the environment has played a huge part in shaping history.  Also, looking toward the future, I want to be able to get people excited about environmental issues within their community and help to give them an outlet to express their ideas and potentially even a way to help.  I hope to work toward encouraging people to consider their environment in everyday decision-making. I can’t wait to to be a part of SF and learn from the amazing people that are a part of this organization!!!

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