Zero Waste

We work to divert usable resources from the waste stream through reuse, composting, and recycling.

Projects include:

Project LeafDrop

- Project LeafDrop 2010 Report
- Leaf Composting with Project LeafDrop! (2010)
- Leaf Composting this Sunday November 8th! (2009)

Flatbush FreeMeets

- Flatbush FreeMeet 2009!
- Flatbush FreeMeet, November 22 2008!

Flatbush Electronics Recycling

- Post-Holiday Recycling Event! (2007)
- Flatbush E-Waste Recycling Event! (2007)

Recycled Decorations Workshops

DIY Sustainable Decorations! (2010)

Lawn Litter Campaign

An August 3rd, 2008 press conference at City Hall protesting unwanted menus and advertising fliers was attended by Sustainable Flatbush. Neighborhood residents are being organized to file affidavits against companies that dump materials on their property, and Sustainable Flatbush has created a downloadable “No Fliers” sign.

Flatbush Frolic Recycling Promotion

Working with the Department of Sanitation’s WasteLess program, Sustainable Flatbush had a Recycling Table at the 30th annual Flatbush Frolic (2007) street fair to distribute literature and materials promoting residential recycling.

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